Guess Which Hollywood Actor Just Joined Sheriff Arpaio’s “Posse”?

Photo credit: Think Out Loud (Flickr)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known as America’s toughest sheriff, has a reputation for his controversial outlook on society and is known to share his thoughts freely – unafraid of public opinion. No one would anticipate a Hollywood star to join his “posse,” but rather oppose it (or, at the very least, steer clear of it).

Not Frankie Muniz, the actor famed for his role as “Malcolm” in the hit TV show “Malcolm in the Middle.” He’s revealed his rightist leanings in the past, but this picture confirms Muniz is certainly not lukewarm in his conservative beliefs.


It will be interesting to see their relationship develop now that Muniz has apparently joined his posse! Since he lives in the same state as Sheriff Arpaio, chances are he won’t have any trouble getting involved with the sheriff’s activities.

Photo credit: Think Out Loud (Flickr)

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