Review: This Film Exposes How The Green Movement Isn’t Actually About Saving The Planet


Jeffrey D. King wrote, directed, and produced the film “Blue.” The film takes aim at the Green movement by contrasting it with the “Blue” movement. The Blue movement values man strongly, not just the earth in which he lives. In fact, the film takes a Christian view of man, in which man is not just another part of the ecosystem but indeed has dominion over the earth.“Blue” contrasts this Christian view with the Green misanthropic view of man prevalent on the earth today in which man is seen as a consumer and corrupter of the environment.

King meets up with several prominent free market environmental experts, including Calvin Beisner, Lord Christopher Monckton, and Steven Hayward. Weaving together the testimony of these experts, King challenges the consensus “Green” view of the environment and argues that Blue beats Green. King Brings up points like the remarkable decline in carbon emissions per car since the 1970s, the attacks on the logging industry and dams, and more.

Carbon taxes are labeled the most regressive of taxes, and the UN Agenda 21 is discussed. (It is the environmentalist Agenda 21 that seeks to bring down Earth’s population by 85%!) The point is made that governments are often more destructive of the environment than corporations.

In all, “Blue” presents a different view many children aren’t taught in schools these days. Mankind is not seen as an environmental enemy, the often good environmental  results of technology are given their due, and business is not seen as just an environmental enemy either. King interviews many experts while using solid footage and comes to the free market conclusion that Blue beats Green.

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