This Democrat Could Face 40 Years In Prison For Sex Crimes Against A Child

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Virginia Democrat Delegate Joe Morrissey is now facing a number of disturbing charges after a grand jury found there was enough evidence to pursue five indictments against him. Among the counts being pursued by special prosecutor William Neely are felonies related to indecent liberties and possession of child pornography, as well as the solicitation and distribution of such images.

A lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor is also included in the case against him.

The 56-year-old, who previously served as commonwealth’s attorney in Virginia’s capital, allegedly bragged about his sexual abuse.

“He had sex with [the victim] twice in his law office and texted someone about it,” Neely asserted.

A local NBC report indicates Neely has phone records from both Morrissey and the girl supporting his case.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the 17-year-old girl’s father was concerned about her relationship with Morrissey, leading police to visit the delegate’s home where they found both the teen and Morrissey.

Following that development last August, Morrissey’s attorney alleged the teen had lied about her age upon taking a job as a secretary at his law office. Anthony Troy contended his client was a “consummate gentleman” in his interactions with the girl.

The lawyer went on to suggest that even the girl and her family denied any wrongdoing on the delegate’s part. He asserted late last year that the teen, her mother, and her grandmother said “in unequivocal terms, that no sexual activity took place.”

Nevertheless, a grand jury determined Morrissey should stand trial for the charges against him. If convicted, he could reportedly face a total prison sentence of up to 40 years, along with an additional year in jail.

The grand jury investigation had initially been handled by Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor. A financial supporter of Morrissey, she ultimately recused herself from the case. Retired Circuit Court Judge J. Martin Bass took over the deliberation process last year per the direction of the Virginia state Supreme Court.

Photo Credit: Cliff (Creative Commons)

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