Watch: Joan Rivers Flips Out In This Unbelievable CNN Interview


Joan Rivers was being interviewed on CNN’s Newsroom with host Fredericka Whitfield to promote the comedienne’s new book, “Diary of a Mad Diva,” when the 81-year-old Fashion Police host took offense to Whitfield’s negative line of questioning.

Whitfield had agitated the veteran comic by calling Rivers’ fashion critiques “mean”.  Then she went on to point out Rivers’ shock value and that Rivers wore a fur on her new book’s cover.  That was the breaking point for Joan Rivers: “You know, this whole interview is becoming a defensive interview.  Are you wearing leather shoes?  Then shut up!”

As she removed her earpiece, Rivers continued to lay into the oblivious Whitfield, who thought she was joking. “I don’t want to hear this nonsense!  Come to me with a paper belt and I’ll talk to you.”  It wasn’t until Rivers had left the set that Whitfield realized that the comedienne was not returning to finish the interview.

Earlier this week, Joan Rivers told a street reporter that President Obama was gay and First Lady Michelle Obama was a “tranny.”

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