This Image Completely Shuts Down The Left’s Argument In The Hobby Lobby Case

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Critics have been bashing Hobby Lobby ever since the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on the company’s case made headlines last Monday. They say it is a matter of women’s rights and are outraged at the store’s refusal to supply its employees with birth control.

In reality, the rage of the opposition is entirely unfounded. This simple image, along with the short video clip above, will help to clarify any confusion:

HobbyLobbyNEW-01-1260x650Photo and Video Credit: The Daily Signal

Although the mainstream media have painted an unsightly picture of Hobby Lobby as an intolerant enterprise denying contraceptives for its staffers, these claims are simply incorrect.

As Hobby Lobby President Steve Green explained:

“The very first freedom was religious freedom, and that is really what’s at stake here… We do not have a problem with contraceptives… There are 20 that are required [under Obamacare] and 16 of them we provide. So that is not the problem. But there are four that can terminate life. And those are the four that we cannot provide.”

Hobby Lobby never intended to stop supplying birth control, nor was that the outcome of the Court’s ruling. They simply sought for the right to refuse to provide, as IJReview puts it, “drugs that terminate a pregnancy after the egg has been fertilized – emergency contraceptives such as Plan B.”

So yes, Hobby Lobby does provide birth control to its employees. The ruling has not changed this fact.

Shout out to all critics out there: you can stop worrying now.

Via IJReview:

“But then again,” says a recent IJReview article, “It’s a whole lot easier to wage a ‘war on women’ when you say a company refused to pay for birth control…”

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