Video: It Only Took This Army Veteran 2 Minutes To Silence All Liberals In The Room



“The Walking Dead” Constitution

I am now thoroughly convinced that all four branches of our government (executive, legislative, judicial, and the media) have been bitten by zombies.

Texas Court Throws 2nd, 4th Amendments Under The Bus

Courts have dramatically weakened our 4th Amendment protections during the past several decades. If this trend is not reversed, open warfare will eventually become the only means of reclaiming lost liberty.

Video: A Great Pro-Gun Message From Minnesota



Video: Activist Journalist: “I’ll Walk Point For Our Kids” At Protest Despite Death Threats


Alpena Mi. – Despite death threats made against me and my children, and threats to rape my cancer-stricken wife made by virulent anti-gun nuts and Twitter followers of thug rapper “The Game,” I intend to stand tall on the Michigan capitol steps in Lansing on February 8th, 2013. Far from […]