CEO: What Obama Is Doing Is Illegal And Will Destroy People On Fixed Incomes

“…this is a very dangerous situation”

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“Forward”: The Intentional Limits to Growth

Are you still trying to figure out what the President’s campaign slogan, “Forward” means? We have a few ideas!

Lies My President Told Me

Climate exaggeration and prevarication bring horrid policies and massive wealth redistribution…

Video: Romney To Obama: You Don’t Just Pick Winners And Losers You Pick The Losers

Mitt Romney pounded Obama last night on his reckless spending on green energy. “You don’t just pick winners and losers, you pick losers.” One highlight from last night’s debate…

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Video: New Report Blasts WH For Solyndra Loan Guarantee

Findings of a GOP probe into the solar firm have been revealed.

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