Solar Subsidies Make Electricity Bills More Expensive

Renewable energy supporters have been emphatic in calling for the United States government to provide subsidies comparable to those offered by foreign “competitors,” yet it is worth noting that the foreign experience with renewable energy subsidies has not led to especially effective results. One of the most striking examples is Germany—the world’s […]

Video: DOE Official Thinks Loan Program That Gave Us Solyndra Are “Enormous Success”

It is obvious that this guy is lying. Otherwise, he would have to admit the truth that this loan program is an enormous failure.

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Conservation Organizations Denounce Wind Industry’s Misrepresentation

The World Council for Nature (WCFN) and Save the Eagles International (STEI) object to misrepresentations spread by the wind industry, in particular those appearing in the CBC article of June 27th on the Campobello Project (1). It is indeed incorrect to say that some wind turbines cannot kill birds or bats because […]

Video: Obama’s Failed Investments: Warnings And Red Flags

Obama’s taxpayer-funded investments failed, and thousands of workers lost their jobs. He has yet to take responsibility.

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Unnecessary Energy Hikes

Barack Obama and his Democratic minions all claim to be lookng out for the middle and working classes, providing protection from the heartless Republicans and their evil followers, the rich. The question I have is, “why then is Obama allowing the enviro-facists to create such new hardships for those people that they profess […]