Video: Botched Abortion Leads To Attack On Citizen Journalist

This short clip shows the power of Citizen Journalism. Every person with a smart phone can report the news as it happens. We here at The Western Center for Journalism rely on citizen journalists to help us report the news hidden from view by the Obama loving left-wing media.

In this report […]

The Media: Keeping Americans Uninformed (Part 1)

The majority of Americans don’t believe that the mainstream media reports accurately and fairly. Polls also show that distrust of today’s media is at a record high. It is important to understand where their loyalty lies; and by their reporting, it’s extremely easy to see that the elite media has […]

Ignore Piers Morgan And The Other Puppets

I don’t think Piers Morgan’s viewers are smart enough to know, or proud enough to admit, that he and all talking heads on cable news are being fed talking points. Is anyone naïve enough to believe that CNN, Fox, or MSNBC are in business to actually inform us? Cable news networks are […]

The Breitbart Army Has Risen

Back when rumors about President Obama being a Muslim raised their head momentarily in the mainstream media, Obama blamed the 24/7 news cycle and all the “noise” that is disseminated via the media. Translation: America is too stupid to differentiate… Continue to Post