Regarding Immigration Proposals, Beware Of Your Opponents’ Motivation

The subject of immigration (and evidently, illegal immigration) has proven to be a divisive issue for conservatives. There are divergent opinions as to which policies should be pursued vis-à-vis the 12 million illegal immigrants who reside in the country. However, as conservatives, there are certain fundamental goals and […]

If I Were A Member Of Congress….

Here is a speech I’d give to my peers:

My fellow Representatives, I come before you not as a member of a particular political party, but as one who like each of you has sworn an oath before God and man “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against […]

Can America Handle The Truth?

The United States of America is at a tipping point. It is past time we are told the truth and begin to solve the problems. The time for false hopes, hugs, and feel-good can-kicking is over. The talk is all about the ‘fiscal cliff’ and whether or not we can figure out […]

Obama Attorney Attempts To Silence Opposition In RICO Case

Barack Obama’s attorneys attempted to intimidate an attorney in a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) case regarding Obama’s forged Hawaii birth certificate, forged Selective Service Registration (Draft Card), and Obama’s use of a social security number never assigned to him according to federal database (E-Verify). See here and here. The […]

Two Smothered Stories: Vets Running Away From Obama; Even NPR Fans Not Happy With Illegal Aliens

The battleground states that the media’s fake polls are assigning to Barack Obama are populated by a large number of military veterans. Florida alone has 1.6 million; and Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina have nearly 1 million each. These numbers are extremely important because at least one Left wing media outlet, Reuters, […]