The Woman Gunning For Romney

For somebody who claims to be known as a ‘firecracker’, Maureen Sullivan is a woman who has been burned more than her fair share.

Aged 61, she has been swindled out of $168,000 by a conman, lost a $5m fortune and missed out on a stock market jackpot […]

One Key Rasmussen Poll Gets Little Attention From Mainstream Media

A poll taken monthly by Rasmussen has received very little attention from the Obama campaigners in the mainstream media. It is the poll of Party Affiliation and it is published on the Rasmussen site going back to 2004.

Why should this poll be taken at least as seriously as any polling result […]

Republicans Bracing For ‘October Surprise’ As Gloria Allred ‘Prepares For Romney Revelation’

Republicans are bracing themselves for Gloria Allred to make a potentially damaging revelation about Mitt Romney, just weeks before the election.

The pro-President Obama lawyer is rumoured to be preparing for her so-called ‘October surprise’ in which she will strike the Republican presidential hopeful’s chances by unearthing some sort of […]

Client: Gloria Allred Only Fought For Publicity

Super lawyer Gloria Allred cares more about cameras than clients, according to the buxom banker who sued after getting canned by Citigroup, allegedly because her assets were a distraction to co-workers.

Debrahlee Lorenzana, who was fired in 2010, said Allred dropped her right around the time […]

The War For Our Minds

“Tolerance is not, in itself, a virtue. On the contrary, tolerating what is vicious and wicked can be a sign of moral amnesia brought on by making a god of tolerance” – R.R. Reno, First Things. Tolerance is necessary for… Continue to Post