Boom: Megyn Kelly Delivers Knockout Punch to Libs Over Hobby Lobby (Awesome)

“This is not a war on women…”

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The REAL War On Women: By The DNC

Remember back in 2012, when the DNC marched out Sandra Fluke in order to officially declare that the Republican party had declared a war on women?  The so-called college student expected the American taxpayer to fund the contraception for her… Continue to Post


Video: Is Martial Law Coming?

When the Obama administration during its “War on Women” propaganda campaign was parading Sandra Fluke—the so-called “contraception girl”—on the red carpet leading to the White House, the Leftist blog Think Progress was leading the charge to take Obama’s Public Enemy Number One Rush Limbaugh off the air because of his Sandra Fluke […]

Are You A Sangerite Or A Sorosian?

“Hey man, get with it; it’s the 21st Century!” The cry of the hip crowd rings hollow when reading a 90-year-old writing by one of the “progressives” great heroines: Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. She was a famous eugenist, whose goal was “racial and ethnic cleansing.” She is greatly admired by Hillary […]

Democrats Waging A War On Men To Satisfy The Feminist Left

So let’s cut to the chase and talk about what’s really going on here. Was the take-down of Colonel Allen West decided by a Machiavellian cabal in both parties that began with the redrawing of Florida Congressional voting districts, both state and federal? And was this alleged decision made to move him […]