Obama To Americans: “I Adore Incompetent People!”

As a candidate, Barack Obama offered to govern as the most “open and honest” administration in history. Sadly, we’ve learned at great expense that these empty words are just another example of the corruption of Obama’s tenure. I was reminded again… Continue to Post

California Liberals Aim To “Bottle Sunlight”?

WASHINGTON — Press conference after press conference and pivot after pivot, Barack Obama’s dream of efficient clean, green and solar energy is getting another shot in California. Reuters reports that California is planning to “bottle sunlight” in its next clean energy effort.… Continue to Post


Will Obama Finally Fire Himself Today?

With Barack Obama barnstorming the country like it’s October in a presidential election year, I thought we should take a closer look at his latest statements (read: fantasies). The more I hear Obama talk, the more nauseated I become –… Continue to Post


Media Keeping Americans Uninformed (Part 2: Green Energy Failures)

Concerned American citizens who don’t know the facts about how our government uses taxpayer dollars are being misled because the truth is not reported by the media. Before the massive economic stimulus bill passed in 2009, VP Joe Biden insisted “We have to spend more money to keep from going bankrupt.” That […]

Don’t Ban Firearms; BAN Obama And Cuomo!

Now that these two left wing liberal/communists have pushed their agendas to take our God given, Constitutional right to bear arms, I am now waiting for them to announce the forced buyback of our firearms.

As far as Obama, he can start with buying back the firearms that he has illegally sold […]