Remembering Black Thursday

Today, we commemorate an important day in history, namely “Black Thursday,” which occurred on October 24, 1929, just 83 years ago.

Today, the world is still reeling from “The Great Recession,” which put our global economy into a tailspin thereby affecting not just the United States, but all of the countries […]

How We Will Vote In November

The hoopla over the party conventions is over, the debates are coming to an end, and we are now just a couple of weeks away from making an epoch decision regarding the direction of our country. If you do not know who you are voting for by now, you have either […]

Can You Really Balance A Budget By Cutting Taxes?

As we have long known, the golden rule for making a profit is to maximize income and minimize expenses. Over the last few years though, government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels have violated this rule primarily by spending more than they take in. Such spending sprees are usually the […]

Our Defining Moment


Over our country’s history, there have been a handful of events that have defined who we are as Americans, such as our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain, our Civil War, our participation in World War II, and the protests of the 1960′s. These events defined who we are, our […]

The Real Prize: The Senate

While we have been preoccupied with presidential politics, the real prize is the U.S. Senate, which is currently in the hands of the Democrats. The House will undoubtedly stay in the hands of the GOP; but should the Republicans take over both houses of Congress, they will be in a better […]