Rick SantorumDefends His Controversial Robo Calls.

Rick Santorum is playing this campaign smart. The elites all attack him because they say he cannot get Democrats to vote for him, so he targets Democrats for turnout in the Michigan primary. Then the same elites begin to whine he is working with Democrats. Country club, investment banker Mitt Romney is the guy who […]

Holder: No talks With Napolitano Or Clinton on Fast & Furious, Passing Conversation With Obama

I love how Congressman Jason Chaffetz goes to work to show how Holder and Obama Administration is trying to claim igonorance.

Mitt Romney Glitter Bombed in Minnesota

Conservative Powerhouse: If Obama Raises Taxes, GOP Will Impeach Him

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

The move to impeach Barack Obama is moving forward — either in this term or, Heaven forfend, in the next. This week, one of the most influential conservative heavyweights raised the prospect of ignobly kicking the president out of office between elections. Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax […]

The Republican Establishment’s Last Desperate Push: Mitch Daniels Again

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

The Republican Establishment sees the 2012 presidential nomination process breaking wide open and it’s panicked. In one last, desperate attempt to reassert control of the party from the Tea Party, the Establishment is floating another presidential candidate: Mitch Daniels.

The party leadership tapped Daniels to give the GOP […]