This Amazing Gesture A Chick-fil-A Made To Honor A Local Hero Is Inspiring People Across The Country

Patty Minter: “The news of your amazing gesture of support for Officer Jordan’s family made it’s way to Louisiana. Just wanted to say YOU ROCK!”

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Chick-fil-A President Confirms: “We Support Biblical Families”

In case there was any question, Chick-fil-A’s president confirmed in a September 29 interview with a local Atlanta television station that his company’s philosophy is to “support Biblical families.” Months after Dan Cathy’s public comments on the importance of the “biblical definition of the family” prompted an all-out assault on the franchise [...]

An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett

Iranian-born Communist sympathizer Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama’s Senior Adviser, spoke recently during a forum at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, in which she implied members of the TEA Party needed simple instructions and outlines to understand Obama’s major government overhaul of healthcare, the stimulus package, bailouts, [...]

Liberal Tyranny And The Cluck Heard ‘Round The World

Writer Sinclair Lewis is credited with saying, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.”

Close, but not quite. Truth is, fascism has come to America; but it’s wrapped in a rainbow flag and waving, well, let’s just say it sure ain’t waving a [...]

Jon Stewart Dings Dems Over Chick-fil-A

Comedian Jon Stewart ripped Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Tom Menino on Thursday night for pledging to block Chick-fil-A from opening new restaurants in their cities, siding with those on the right who say such a move would be unconstitutional.

“Pretty sure you can’t outlaw a company with perfectly legal business practices because [...]