The Simple Case For Obama’s Impeachment

It is a crime that he has been committing for so long that there is no one in our country who could excuse what he has done.

Video: P.I. Susan Daniels Discusses Lawsuit About Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number

P.I. Susan Daniels appeared on the Peter Boyles radio show to talk about Barack Obama’s social security number.

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Video: New Ad DESTROYS Obama On Sealed Records/Identity Theft

We recognize the blatant error regarding the state Obama’s social security number was issued in, but aside from that, this is a pretty good ad!

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ForgeryGate: What Will It Take For Congress To Wake Up?

What will it take for our representatives to wake up and demand a Congressional investigation into Obama’s eligibility to hold office before it is too late (and the America that we knew and loved will be lost forever)? We clearly have someone occupying the White House whom we virtually know nothing about. [...]

Video: “If Obama Is Reelected, We Will Be Hunted Down Like Dogs”

WND CEO (and WCJ co-founder) Joseph Farah discusses Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s upcoming Obama Probe Press Conference, Obama’s Conn. Social Security Number and the danger to Obama’s political adversaries if he were reelected.

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