Victory! Indiana, South Carolina Anti-NDAA Bills Fly Through Committee

Yesterday, Feb. 13, “anti-NDAA” legislation passed senate committees in both Indiana and South Carolina.

In Indiana, S.B. 400 was championed by Sen. Jim Banks and Elkhart County Sheriff Bradley Rodgers, who both spoke before the Corrections and Criminal Law Committee hearing in support of the bill.

Sen. Banks pointed out the sections [...]

Video: Black Bloc ‘Special Forces’ Of Occupy Movement

Breitbart News Chair Steve Bannon and former FBI informant Brandon Darby joined Sean Hannity to discuss the long-reported story of Occupy Wall Street and the violent, anarchist faction “black bloc” that often works with the “Occupy” movement to cause vandalism, destruction and violence, especially against law enforcement officers.

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Liberalism: Racism And Sexism At Its Core

If one were to try to define liberalism, phrases such as “government oversight”, “anti-big business”, “environmentalists”, “level playing field”, and “entitlement society” would probably come to mind. The progressive agenda relies heavily upon the belief that the government should and must drive an economy from a macro level; and in some cases, [...]

Video: Linked To China, Occupy, Radicals

We’ve come to expect in Obama’s corrupted view of capitalism an unholy alliance of government and business. We’ve come to expect Obama’s mega-donors getting carte blanche access to government slush funds. Case in point is mega-donor George Kaiser, who fleeced $500 million of the American taxpayers’ dollars in the Solyndra boondoggle.

But [...]

Video: This Is America On The “Drug” Obama

This past weekend, I saw the late Andrew Breitbart’s swan song Occupy Unmasked that exposed the Occupy movement for what it is: an orchestrated distraction by the hard Left and unions.

In a way, it was like preaching to the choir. I already knew the mainstream media had coordinated with the hard [...]