Graham Needs To Be Replaced With Someone Like Sen. Jim DeMint

When the Palmetto State elected Lindsey Graham, we got the moderate GOP senator we didn’t want. He has been the poster boy, along with John McCain, for unprincipled leadership and represents everything wrong with the modern Republican Party. In the… Continue to Post


Addressing Voter Fraud – A 14 Point Plan For 2013

The sheer number of voter fraud stories in the 2012 elections the media refuses to investigate is staggering. Hundreds of legitimate concerns potentially impacting thousands of votes have been both raised and ignored. There are, however, many examples proven and confirmed by Mainstream Media sources. They are well-documented examples such […]

Black Judge Commutes Four Killers’ Sentences Based On Race

An activist judge in North Carolina said prosecutorial racism was the reason he commuted the sentences of four convicted killers.

Described as three of the state’s most notorious death row killers, among the group’s victims are three law enforcement officers, two women and a teenager. The judge was able to overrule the […]

2012: An Irrational Devotion To Secularism

Pundits say that Hispanics, single women, young people, and blacks delivered a victory for President Obama’s re-election. However, these are only external differences that do little to explain the internal unity that each group shares in their irrational devotion to secularism. The devotion is irrational because the reduced economic fruits (and social […]

The Charge Of The Grey-Haired Conservatives

Remember us? The “baby boomers,” “Senior Citizens,” “Dinosaurs,” “Old Geezers,” and “Over the Hill gang.” Guess what? We’re baaaaack. Remember 2010? We delivered the House and almost the Senate. Well, we intend to finish in 2012 what we started in 2010. Democrats make the mistake of believing all we care about is […]