60% of U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan Died Under Obama

Edwin Mora, CNSNews.com

At least 858 U.S. soldiers have died in the Afghanistan war since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009. That equals 60.13 percent of the 1,427 American soldier fatalities so far in the ongoing 10-year war in that country.

For March 2011, there were 26 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan, […]

Obama Violates Osama Oath

by  Rep. Steve King, Human Events

On December 18, 2007, then presidential candidate Barack Obama leveled the first of dozens of heavy criticisms against President George W. Bush.  In a speech in Des Moines, Obama blasted President Bush for taking his “eye off the ball in Afghanistan." He continued: "It’s time to…increase our […]

How the US is Losing in Afghanistan

By Anthony H. Cordesman, Washington Post

Obama should support the troops with more equipment or get out now. The situation is getting worse.

The United States cannot win the war in Afghanistan in the next three months — any form of even limited victory will take years of further effort. […]


Charles Hurt, New York Post

Obama plays while America drowns in his debt

Sunning lazily this week on the rocky shores of Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama is in a terrible pickle.

He has flushed billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars down the toilet "stimulating" the economy, acquiring insolvent car […]

U.S. military to Obama: Afghan force isn’t big enough

By Helene Cooper, New York Times

US Soldier trains Afghan Policeman

Military commanders with the NATO mission in Afghanistan told President Barack Obama’s chief envoy to the region this weekend that they did not have enough troops to do their job, pushed past their limit by Taliban rebels who operated […]