Obama’s folly: believing he can address a unified Muslim world

By Stephanie Gutmann, Telegraph

Arabs Protest American Policy in Middle East

The worst folly of President Obama’s speech at Cairo University is in the basic premise. According to White House, Obama is in Cairo today to “continue the outreach and the effort to change the conversation with the Muslim world. […]

Obama promises Arabs Jerusalem will be theirs

By Aaron Klein, Worldnetdaily

Soon Israel could get pushed out of parts of their capital

President Obama and his administration told Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during a meeting last week the U.S. foresees the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, according to a top PA […]

Muslim World Wants Obama’s Speech in Egypt to Focus on Israeli-Arab Issue

Patrick Goodenough, CNS News

Obama Bows to King of Saudi as any good Muslim would

Islamic and Arab governments are hopeful that President Obama’s much-anticipated address to Muslims will focus on the Israeli-Arab issue, and judging from the administration’s choice of venue and timing, they may not be disappointed.

Obama […]