Video: John Brennan, Alleged Obama Blackmailer, Gaining Dictatorial Power

For anyone who has done even a cursory study of Barack Obama’s life, they know that his radical Marxist views are not a recent phenomenon. They probably go back to his Occidental days, most definitely to the New York years, where he attended at least two (and probably three) of the annual [...]

Video: Barack Obama: ‘Turn In Your Guns, America!’

It always happens the same way.

There is some horrific massacre.

There is a supposed “public outcry” to ban whatever weapons were used.

The weapons are banned.

Then comes the national gun registry.

Then all guns are banned.

This is what happened in England and Australia, and now it is happening in [...]

A Benghazi-Algeria Connection To Free The Blind Sheik?

What if there was a plan afoot to return the Blind Sheik to his terrorist Islamist brethren? A plan so outrageous might exist that no one would believe it, unless it was said to come from this administration. What if the Benghazi offices had no security because it was part of a [...]


This video explores the relationship between Bill Ayers and Barack Hussein Obama…

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The Flag Of Our Fathers Is Falling And Calling Out To Us!

I am still numb and dumfounded by the Election 2012 results that saw the re-election of THE most radical BIG Government President in our History. As our Republic dies and democracy-mobocracy grows in America I reflect upon the America my father fought for in World War II.

My Dad, Joe [...]