"Death Panels" Regulation Begins Obama's Rule by Fiat

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

In a foretaste of outrages to come, the Obama administration managed to sneak out a federal regulation paying doctors to provide “end of life counseling” to those covered by ObamaCare. The Medicare rule, which Congress never voted on, may encourage thousands to forego lifesaving treatment. This move is a […]

Van Jones and the Coming Civil War

Ben Barrack, FloydReports.com

Many have strongly believed – with Rush Limbaugh leading the charge for more than a year now – that Barack Obama has been intentionally destroying the U.S. economy. Now, thanks to Obama’s concession that allowing the current tax rates to expire would harm the middle class, coupled with the words of […]

The Agenda Revealed: How Obama Will Rule by Executive Order in 2011

Ben Johnson, FloydReports.com

Late last month, a reporter asked the head of the Office of Public Engagement Valerie Jarrett what she would tell her close friend Barack Obama about the American uprising against his aggressive liberalism. She replied, “To stay the course and to know that it will get better.” Those were […]