Watch: Could DNA Prove Obama Is Ineligible For Presidency?

Will an obscure intelligence advisor in England show the way for Americans to finally get rid of the illegal presidency of Barack Hussein Obama?

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Video: EPA Official Bilked $900,000 from Taxpayers



Video: Insiders Reveal Obama Framed Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack



Video: ACLU Lawyer Calls Obama “Judge, Jury, Executioner” Over Drone Attacks

A recently leaked Department of Justice “White Paper” gives the President of the United States and those he designates – “high government officials” – the authority to take the life of any American citizen, even if there is no proof that the citizen in question is involved in nefarious activities.

John Brennan, [...]

CIA Pick Avoids Calling Waterboarding Torture

WASHINGTON — The White House’s pick for CIA chief says the harsh interrogation technique known as waterboarding is reprehensible and should not be used on terror suspects — but he is refusing to call it a form of torture.

John Brennan says waterboarding should have never [...]