Video: Land Of The Freebies, Home Of The Enslaved

Watch this shocking video about our government’s “cradle to the grave” entitlement society! It’s worse than you think.

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The Democrats’ Latest Pathetic Attempt At Enthusiasm

It has been a long time since the Democrats stood for Christian principles, but under Barack Obama, they have taken to attacking Christians as enemies.

The latest Democrat attack on Christian values comes in their calls to boycott Chick-fil-A, a family-owned restaurant chain run on Christian values. Chick-fil-A won’t open […]

Video: Mark Levin: Its ‘Nighttime In America’

Funny video of Mark Levin narrating a fake Obama ad!

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Mourning America’s Rapid Loss Of Liberty

Americans recently celebrated Independence Day, albeit in a country far less free than that in which previous generations recognized this country’s most important national holiday.

Media sources (mostly conservative) across the country lamented the disturbing decision of a small Oregon town’s officials to cancel fireworks displays in order to avoid frightening area […]

The General Misfortune Of Mankind: The Electorate Vote

Once again, why will people diminish the value and dignity of their vote within the confines of the laboratory of democracy, the voting booth, acquiescing to emotional pettiness wounding their own country?

The 2012 caldron of boiling innuendo heats up as the public becomes invested in political maladies of spewed cloak-and-dagger panic designed […]