Video: Congressman: DHS Must Explain Ammunition And Armored Vehicle Purchases

Those of us watching Obama closely know that he promised to create and arm a new domestic army equivalent to the military. It has been happening right under Congresses nose without a peep. Now finally we see some concern. We can only hope this concern is sincere and won’t disappear when NJ Congressman […]

Video: State And Local Officials Plan To Defend Citizens From NDAA Detentions And Gun Confiscations

At the invitation of elected representatives and members of the law enforcement community in Northern Michigan, veteran investigative journalist Bob Powell spoke for half an hour, warning the gathered officials about imminent civil unrest sparked by an EMP attack on the United States during an all-but-inevitable war between Israel and Iran.

The […]

Video of the Day: Big Sis, Profiling Muslim Men is Not “Good Logic”

Department of Homeland Security Advisory

By Thaddeus G. McCotter, American Spectator

Obama's Head of Secret Police warns Conservatives

In its rush to slur conservatives prior to the Tax Day Tea Party rallies, the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an “intelligence” assessment entitled Rightwing Extremism [RE]: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence […]