State of the Union: Mammoth Government is the New Normal

Ben Johnson,

In his 2011 State of the Union Address, Barack Obama gave himself five more years of trillion-dollar deficit spending, a $678 billion income tax hike, a Social Security tax increase, and the permanent extension of ObamaCare – and he gave Republicans medical malpractice reform and a joke about a […]

The Government Can’t Even Waste Money Right

Tom Purcell,

The USA Today article almost caused me to drive off a bridge to nowhere.

Our government can’t even squander our money efficiently — particularly where earmarks are concerned.

Earmarks, says, “are government funds that are allocated by a legislator for a particular pet project, often without proper review.”


More pork, anybody?

Roger Simon, Politico

Obama loves his pork!

President Barack Obama sounded so mournful Wednesday about having to sign a $410 billion bill to fund the federal government that, for a second, I thought he’d refuse.

He was not sad about the amount of money involved. These days, $410 billion is small potatoes. […]

Obama defends pet projects, signs spending bill in Secret


Barack Obama signs spending bill behind closed doors

President Barack Obama, sounding weary of criticism over federal earmarks, defended Congress’ pet projects Wednesday as he signed an “imperfect” $410 billion measure with thousands of examples. But he said the spending does need tighter restraint and listed guidelines to do it. Obama, […]