Obamanomics Destroyed the Economy and the Environment

Michael Oberndorf, FloydReports.com

As the economy prepares to tank again, this time perhaps into a full-blown depression, even socialist leaders in the failing European Union are complaining about the total lack of effort exerted by the Fraud in the White House to create new private sector jobs. Fact is, Obama-Soetoro and his merry band […]

Video: Louisana Rep, Thank Obama for $4 Gas

Video: Issa Says Obama’s Deliberately Raising Gas Prices

Obama’s Economy Worse than the 1970s

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, FloydReports.com

The worst economic conditions in recent memory were during the Jimmy Carter era of stagflation. Stagflation was a term coined in the 1970s to describe high unemployment with high inflation. Stagflation is back. Translation: America’s middle class is getting poorer; a record number of middle class workers are […]

Obama’s Double-Dip Recession is on the Way

The Washington Times

The experts at the National Bureau of Economic Research say the Great Recession ended in June 2009. After that, it looked for a brief period as if there might be a surge of economic growth as an oppressed private sector fought to break free of the malaise. It hasn’t happened, and […]