This Commercial Just Smacked Down The Rest Of The World (Especially France)

America 1 : France 0

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Obama Meets The French Version Of Himself

It could be said that a narcissist’s best friend is the reflection he sees of himself in the mirror. No other relationship comes close — unless the narcissist has the unique opportunity to meet another version of himself, which happened last week during the recent Group of Eight (G-8) summit at Camp […]

Obama Quickly Congratulates New Socialist French President-elect, Invites To White House

President Barack Obama has called France’s new president-elect to congratulate him on winning Sunday’s election.

The White House says Obama told Hollande that he looks forward to working with him on a range of shared economic and security challenges.

Obama invited Hollande to visit […]

Snubbed by Obama, Sarkozy Shifts Gaze Elsewhere

By Crispian Balmer, Reuters

Obama has snubbed another ally

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, initially dubbed Sarko the American for his pro-U.S. stance, is finding it much tougher to deal with Washington than he had anticipated and is recalibrating his policies accordingly.

Stung by perceived snubs from U.S. President […]