Obama Turns 50, America Turns Gray

Michael Reagan, FloydReports.com

Like everybody else, presidents have birthdays and have a right to celebrate them and invite others to join them in the festivities. But taking advantage of the occasion to bash the rich and then charge some of them a whopping $40,000 to be able to sit near him as he observes […]

Taxpayers Finance Obama’s $2 Million Fundraising Tour

Judicial Watch

President Obama’s frantic fundraising spree to help Democrats win midterm elections cost U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars and the carbon emissions spewed by the cross-country travel in a customized Boeing 747 undoubtedly contributed to global warming.

In the last few days alone, the commander-in-chief has visited Wisconsin, California, Washington State […]

Video: Obama's Endless Summer of Fundraising

Latest Video from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and its a good one.

I think Obama says it best: "There is a time to campaign, and there is a time to govern."

Throughout this last year, as our debt grows to monstrous proportions, Iran steps closer to a nuclear bomb, […]