Pro-Family Supporters Targeted For Government Detention

Barack Hussein Obama recently acquired power enabling him to detain and imprison American citizens here in the U.S. without formal charges and without access to a lawyer, according to Gary Kreep, attorney for the United States Justice Foundation (which has defended American citizens and their rights and also has been working on […]

Video: Gary Kreep Talks Obama Eligibility

Attorney and San Diego Superior Judge Candidate (and our good friend) Gary Kreep was interviewed yesterday on KPBS and talked, among other things, about ForgeryGate.

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PA Attorney Philip J. Berg Continues Fight On Obama Eligibility

Barack Hussein Obama, using eight different names, has failed to meet eligibility requirements for the office of U.S. President according to a 19 point challenge alleging he was born in Kenya to a Kenyan citizen and a teenage mother not… Continue to Post


USJF And Philip Berg File Obama Eligibility Case In Pennsylvania

The latest state to hear arguments challenging President Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be on its 2012 Presidential ballot is Pennsylvania. Last week, Attorney Philip J. Berg officially challenged the nomination petition of Obama. A lifetime resident of the state… Continue to Post


Floyd Reports 3-17-10

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