Google Employee’s Daughter Writes a Touching Letter To His Boss; The Company’s Response Will Blow You Away

This is one of those stories you wished you heard more of

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Google’s New “Account Activity” Service Raises Privacy Concerns

A new service offered by Google is raising some eyebrows, as users now have access to monthly reports that reveal all their online activities using Google products (Gmail, YouTube, Google+ social network, online search, etc.). Called “Account Activity,” the new feature will allow users to “step back and […]

Who’s Buying Barry? Obama’s Swimming in Dubious Campaign Contributions

Susan Stamper Brown,

President Obama had a busy week. After helping to eliminate the world’s number one terrorist, Obama switched gears to focus on raising a record $1 billion in campaign contributions. Rather than capitalizing on bin Laden’s demise by using an event to rally allies in a focused campaign to finish the […]

Is Your Internet Connection Funding Liberals?

Michael Reagan,

We keep hearing claims that a lot of money goes into the pockets of so-called right-wing groups, but we hear nary a word from the media of where the really big bucks originate and where they end up.

That’s too bad, because if the truth were known Americans would […]

Video of the Day: Investigate Google’s “Secretive Relationship” with Obama Administration

Google’s cozy relationship with the Obama administration has troubled Americans for some time. National Legal and Policy Center founder Ken Boehm wrote a letter to Rep. Darrell Issa to investigate Google’s Street View collection team, which improperly collected private e-mails and passwords from insecure Wi-fi connections. In the newest twist, the organization Consumer Watchdog has […]