Cronyism Pays, GE Doesn’t

Danny Tyree,

As both a capitalist and a taxpayer, news of recent antics by General Electric (G.E.) made me wince.

That’s because G.E.’s actions are practically begging the usual suspects to ramp up their protests against “evil corporations.”

According to the New York Times, G.E. – despite making a $5.1 billion profit in […]

Obama’s Economic Advisers: International Socialists, Union Thugs, NBC Execs, Soros Scholars, Subprime Lenders, Amnesty Shills, and Campaign Cronies

Ben Johnson,

The media enthused when Barack Obama bloviated during his State of the Union Address, “We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.” They now enthuse that the president has appointed members to his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness allegedly designed to cut down inefficient […]

GE Appt. Establishes Corporate Control, Insider Information

David Sirota, The Huffington Post

As I’ve long maintained, the business press is often the best place to get the real story about what’s going on in American politics. That’s because it’s focused almost exclusively on telling its investor-readers how to make money, rather than on the political media’s manufactured red-versus-blue story lines — […]

Is Immelt Appointment Obama’s Pay-Off to Red China?

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

On Friday Obama announced Jeffery Immelt the CEO of General Electric will head some kind of mumbo jumbo “board” that will magically create private sector jobs.

Obama’s steno pool (the media) dutifully reported this as a “gesture by the White House toward strengthening ties to business,” as if […]

Cartoon of the Day: What Obama Will Say at the State of the Union