Boom: You Won’t Believe What This Black Gun Rights Advocate Just Called The Liberal Media!

“It’s the truth…”

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Weinergate: Liberals Create Cultural Rot, and Wonder Why There Are So Many Pigs

Don Feder,

Last week – Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner admitted he had “Tweeted” lewd underwear shots of himself to at least six women; yesterday, he resigned for it. Former Senator and Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards was indicted for using campaign funds to hide his mistress (who was then pregnant with his […]

Reporters Plot Fabricating News at CBS TV Station


CBS Anchorage affiliate assignment editor Nick McDermott and other reporters were caught on an accidental voice mail tape planning to fabricate at least two news stories in a last ditch effort to defeat the Republican nominee running for the US Senate in Alaska, Joe Miller. The voice mail tape was left on […]

Media Cast First Vote for Health Care

By Dan Gainor, Fox News

From the president’s attack on insurers to the bogus prediction the bill was going to pass any day to claims that opponents were “Astroturf” or phony grassroots, the media mirrored the president’s position almost constantly.

Health care reform is a done deal. This […]