This Is What Happens To America When Metrosexual Marxists Rule…

As we can see, this strategy has worked like a fine watch made in a Chinese factory

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Pete Seeger, Marxist Minstrel

When musician Pete Seeger passed away last week, the media was quick to announce that he was “a voice for the poor, the downtrodden, the working man, and the environment.” In his article that first appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Dr. Paul Kengor argues that the complete story of Pete Seeger is much different. Kengor offers many examples of Seeger’s commitment to Marxism. Click below for more.

Video: Protester Cited for Displaying a Christian Cross!



Obama Operative Masquerades as Catholic Expert

Christopher Hale, of a group called Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, has emerged on CNN and Fox News as a defender of Pope Francis against Rush Limbaugh’s charges that the pontiff spews Marxism

Van Jones is Back!

Aaron Klein,

The House Democratic Caucus hosted communist revolutionary-group founder Van Jones just one day before he spoke to a student group funded by billionaire George Soros.

“Why are Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrat Caucus seeking out Jones’ counsel?” asked Guy Harrison, executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee, in a [...]