Obama’s Latest Attempt To Overwhelm The System

If you are a business owner, you are well aware that President Obama has imposed over 6,000 new regulations on businesses in just 90 days. This doesn’t even begin to address the massive amount of regulations imposed over the last 4 years. The bigger picture is that it’s all part of his […]

Why Did Obama Free a Black Liberation Army Member?

J. Christian Adams, BigGovernment.com

Marilyn Buck was a Marxist terrorist who participated in conspiracies that led to the deaths of multiple police officers. Buck helped the Black Liberation Army, a violent Marxist offshoot of the black panthers, acquire weapons and ammunition. She participated in the robbery of an armored car where a guard was […]

Is the FBI Investigating Obama?

Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy In Media

In a front page story about a major FBI terrorism investigation, The Washington Post has reported that the targets include “Chicagoans who crossed paths with Obama when he was a young state senator and some who have been active in labor unions that supported his political rise.” The implication […]

Barack Obama: Bringing Communists Back in Central America

Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews.com

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Manuel Zelaya in Washington on September 3, 2009. (State Dept. Photo by Michael Gross)

An agreement signed in Colombia this week allowing the ousted former Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, to return home and resume political activity without fear of prosecution marks “a […]

How to Win the 530-Day 2012 Campaign

Michael Oberndorf, FloydReports.com

Keep this nightmare from repeating itself.

Whether the voters like it or not, and whether they care or not, politicians have declared that the coffee break is over and the campaign for the presidential election, to be held in November, 2012 – more than 500 days from now – has officially […]