Are Russia And China Going To Kick America Off The Moon?

It will be a sad day.

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Video: THE Coldest Place on Earth



Record Heat And Drought Signs Of Solar Catastrophe?

NASA and the National Academy of Sciences has warned us of a coming 2012-2013 solar event that could possibly be the solar catastrophe that could spell disaster across the globe.

As the sun approaches the 2013 solar maximum, researchers say solar activity is just beginning, large […]

Obama: Screw Easter, Happy Ramadan!

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

When he was elected president, Barack Obama expressed his desire to “fundamentally transform America.” On an economic level, that explains his plans to siphon wealth from productive citizens to the indolent, entrepreneurs to union thugs, and Main Street to Wall Street (and 142nd Street). Spiritually, it means redistributing […]

NASA: Muslim World, Here We Come!

Jeff Crouere,