Winter Is Coming To America

Winter is coming. The time to prepare for physical, economic, and spiritual deprivation is now.

Sequestering And Washington’s Fiscal Incompetence

As many of you may know, if the political class does not get its act together by March 1, 2013, automatic Federal government spending cuts will kick in that will reduce government spending by over a trillion dollars over the next ten years. This “sequestering” of budget dollars was agreed to by […]

Video: Comedian Cusses Out Obama, “Pay Your $#!@in’ Bills!”

LOL Video: “It’s Not My Fault!”

After Credit Downgrade, the Tea Party Must Dump Obama

Michael Reagan,

President Obama, the Democratic Party and its members of Congress have spent years blaming former President George W. Bush for the nation’s current economic woes, which is akin to blaming the bank’s tellers for a bank robbery, or for the dishonesty of their bosses, the bank’s executives who were looting the […]