Liberation Means Making Peace With America

There are a lot of cultural cliches American Blacks must navigate.

One, the one I specialize in as a matter of fact, is escaping the cliche where we somehow are obligated to be “professionally angry” at White people ad infinitum.

My “Making Peace With America” emphasis addresses this unpleasant reality head-on. I […]

Video: Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

On election day, we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines, by the way, owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.

We know Obama suppressed the traditionally conservative military vote.

We know thousands of military absentee ballots were “lost”—in […]

Christopher Dorner: Racist Time Bomb

In declaring his one-man war against the LAPD, etc. Christopher Dorner became the tactical equivalent of a Crip or Blood, ironically his opponents (we assume) while a Los Angeles police officer.

His litany of civil rights abuses isn’t license for a chocolate Klansman killing spree, where he terrorizes others for his own […]

Brad Thor Exposes Liberal Bigot Who Attacked Crystal Wright

White liberals think they literally own Black people! They consider us their “ni$$ers” unless told otherwise!

This racist arrogance is why liberal bigot Scott Colbert called conservative commentator Crystal Wright an “Aunt Tom” and a “c-nt” in an ill-fated tweet that cost him a book contract with his publisher.

Here’s the exchange:


Shhh- It’s OK To Hate Your White Friends!

Hating White folks is quite popular in our ranks. Our Klan behavior is mostly self-inflicted, so we’ve yet to see American Whites running for their lives from Black lynch mobs.

White nationalists argue that Black-on-White violence rates describe a more operational hatred than what I’m alluding to. Feel free to visit their […]