How Obama Has Slowly Destroyed The First Amendment

This should serve as a warning to all Americans.

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Video: WATCH O’Reilly Slam NYT Benghazi Report



NY Times Attempt To Sideline Benghazi Backfires

If the Times thought this article would be the final word, they were badly mistaken.

How to Make America a Country that Produces Things Again

Tom W. Pauken

This factory is in China, but it doesn't have to be.

America faces its most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression. While the finance economy has improved somewhat since the bursting of the credit bubble in 2008, the labor market economy continues to languish with the national unemployment rate officially [...]

Video: Impeachment Debate — at the New York Times

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Serious discussion of impeachment has reached the most influential publication in the United States. The New York Times recently featured a Bloggingheads discussion under the headline, [...]