NASA: Muslim World, Here We Come!

Jeff Crouere,


Video of the Day: Big Sis, Profiling Muslim Men is Not “Good Logic”

Obama’s Faith Adviser: Pat Robertson No Different than Osama bin Laden

Aaron Klein,

President Obama’s faith adviser, Eboo Patel, likened television evangelist Pat Robertson to Osama bin Laden, calling both “totalitarians” who worked collectively against coexistence.

The statements by Patel mark the latest in a series of controversial remarks by the faith adviser to be reported by WND, including comments against the U.S. and […]

Video: Unbelievable. Obama Says Muslim Setting Himself on Fire is Like the Boston Tea Party

Obama Fails to Recognize Muslim Genocide, Instead Bashes U.S.A.

Ben Johnson,

Barack Obama has proven he is more efficient than his predecessor in one area: He managed to diminish the history of two Christian nations in one presidential proclamation — on the eve of Easter. Obama campaigned in 2008 on a promise to call the Ottoman Empire’s systematic destruction of 1.5 million […]