Video: Obama on Leak Fix: Now I'll take the credit.

The last time the president held a press conference to talk about the Gulf Coast oil spill it was all about BP. . .they did this, and they did that.  And he was making it clear THEY WOULD PAY.  There was no sense of WE.. we were not going to assist them in shutting […]

Obama tops Bush at ducking reporters

By Joseph Curl, Washington Times

 Obama is avoiding press conferences and loving it

President Obama, who pledged to establish the most open and transparent administration in history, on Monday surpasses his predecessor’s record for avoiding a full-fledged question-and-answer session with White House reporters in a formal press conference.

President […]

Obama dominates weak news media with full-court press

By Joseph Curl, Washington Times

Obama manuevers around the press

Although the White House basketball court is still under construction, President Obama on Tuesday got in a quick game of hoops, throwing some sharp elbows, batting down weak shots and eventually falling back into a one-man, four-corners defense to run out the […]

Obama plays defense at Press Conference

By Andrew Malcolm, LA Times

Obama attempts to regain his mojo, and get his agenda through

You don’t need to be a basketball-loving president of the United States to know that if you’re trying to block opponents’ shots in your end, you sure aren’t increasing your own totals. You can’t score points […]