New Paul Revere rides in Boston

By Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, Expose Obama

Once again the fires of liberty begin in Massachusetts

During the War for Independence from the British rule, Massachusetts led the colonies. Tuesday night, with the victory of Republican Scott Brown, the revolutionary fires of Boston once again were reignited. The message is as […]

Hitler Finds Out the Massachusetts Senate Seat Was Won by Scott Brown

The behind the scenes meaning of the Scott Brown victory

By Steve Deace, WHO News Radio

 Brown is far from the perfect candidate, but his victory still shows that people are fed up with Obama

If you’re a frequent listener to my show you know the war between grassroots conservatives and the Republican Party Establishment continues with no end in sight, although […]

The Obama Agenda on the Precipice

By Mark Steyn, National Review

Obama’s radical goals hang in the balance…

I’ve been out of the country for a couple of days, so let me see if I’ve got this right:

America is preparing to celebrate the first anniversary of Good King Barack the Hopeychanger’s reign by electing a Republican?

In […]

Scott Brown: Obama not invited to this party

By Hillary Chabot, Boston Herald

Surging GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown yesterday warned President Obama to “stay away” from the Bay State during his roiling race against Democratic rival Martha Coakley and not to interfere with their intensifying battle in the campaign’s final days.

“He should stay away […]