GOP Promises: Obama Investigations are Coming

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

As news has broken overnight that an Obama administration official may have perjured himself about the dismissal of the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, Congressional Republicans have promised they will investigate Barack Obama’s crimes in the new year.

The Hill newspaper reports today Congressman Darrell Issa’s “Oversight and […]

Cartoon of the Day: Obama, Stimulus Oil Salesman

Help Nail Obama for Corruption

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

Congressional Republicans are gearing up to investigate Barack Obama’s corruption — and they want your help.

Obama’s $862 billion stimulus boondoggle, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, included funding for a less-than-stimulating measure. The government “highly recommended” every state erect highway signs promoting Obama’s big government spending and […]

Obama Uses Your Money to Monitor the Media, Outsource Jobs, and Teach Kenyans Genital Hygiene

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

The American people often complain that the government “isn’t listening.” The Obama administration continually proves it is listening intently to every word uttered about it, and monitoring the speakers. The latest outrage involves the federal government awarding $18,000 in taxpayer dollars to John Brooks Rice to monitor media […]

Obama Inches U.S Toward Debt Crisis

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

As Barack Obama held his first press conference in months to promote his new $50 billion economic payback to unions, it bears reading a little-known reports from the Congressional Budget Office admitting out-of-control spending is leading us perilously close to a Greek-style meltdown. has uncovered an obscure […]