The Question Of Authority Won’t Go Away…

Whose advice will you follow, America?

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Video: Obama And Larry Summers Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank



Obama To Americans: “I Adore Incompetent People!”

As a candidate, Barack Obama offered to govern as the most “open and honest” administration in history. Sadly, we’ve learned at great expense that these empty words are just another example of the corruption of Obama’s tenure. I was reminded again… Continue to Post

Purging The Ghost Of Bill Clinton’s Economics From The Holy Spirit Of Barack Obama

One of the more interesting and regrettable ideological developments over the past eight or so years has been the Democratic Party’s repudiation of Bill Clinton’s economic policies (a repudiation, fortunately for Clinton, that does not require rejecting the Big Dog himself, nor renouncing credit for his economic successes).


Opposition Grows As Jack Lew Proves He Doesn’t Understand Budgets

Jack Lew, President Obama’s choice to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary, has been in Washington DC a long time. Anyone in public service that long will have quite a record of public statements that will paint an accurate picture for Senators who are considering his nomination. Last […]