Is Obama Sabotaging the Ft. Hood Murder Case to Avoid Executing a Muslim?

Kevin “Coach” Collins,

The November 5, 2009, shooting rampage by the cowardly Muslim Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan was wake-up call that has become an example of why America made a grave error in electing Barack Hussein Obama.

Hasan murdered 13 innocent people. All but one were soldiers either just returning from theaters […]

The Press Perpetually Picks on Palin

Susan Stamper Brown

The current feeding frenzy over Sarah Palin’s emails is a case in point that the radical Left will do anything in its ability to destroy that which they fear most. The media’s rush to Juneau shows us that “mainstream media” is not mainstream at all, but rather an extension of the […]

Why Do 3 Supporters Own Obama’s Home?

Jerome R. Corsi,

This, the first of a series of articles on the Obama home at 5046 S. Greenwood, establishes that three individuals other than Obama are listed in public records as owners and taxpayers on the property.

Barack Obama is not among at least three people listed as current owners and taxpayers […]

Five Ways the GOP Will Try to Impeach Obama

Simon Dumenco, New York Magazine

GOPers expecting to take the House are already calling for numerous Whitewater-esque investigations into the Obama administration. Meanwhile, according to Public Policy Polling, 35 percent of Republicans would like to see President Obama impeached based solely on “his actions so far.” Which actions, exactly? Well, there’s always […]

Tony Rezko Pleads Guilty, is Ready to Testify

by Bill Cameron and Holly Garland, WLS-AM 890

Antoine “Tony” Rezko has plead guilty to a 2006 charge of defrauding GE Capitol out of $10 million in loans for Rezko Enterprises and his Papa John’s Pizza restaurants.

The one-time confidant of Rod Blagojevich appeared in federal court Friday before Judge James B. […]