The Secret Sex War Against Women

Lucinda, up in Oregon, writes in with a question about men. I have to paraphrase because she uses some language that I do not.

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Is Beating A Woman Any Worse Than Jaywalking?

Host Michael Graham, along with any rational listener in the audience, was obviously surprised by the outrageous comparison.

Video: Huckabee: Women Don’t Need “Uncle Sugar’s” Help



Three Ads Mitt Romney Really Should Run

It’s time to take on the false charge of a Republican “War on Women” and defeat it.

Here are some outlines for a few television ads we should run.


#1 Visual is Bill Clinton in the witness chair being asked questions about Monica Lewinsky. There is no sound. A female voice [...]

Video: Obama’s War On Women

There is a war on women: it’s called the Obama economy.

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